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Message from Chairperson
of the Board

It is an honor to serve as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. As a resident of La Grange for more than 35 years, I have always known of Plymouth Place. I became aware of what an important fixture Plymouth Place is in our greater community as I served as a Trustee on the La Grange Village Board from 1996-2005 and then as the President of the Village of La Grange from 2005-2013.

When my mother-in-law, Carolyn Asperger, moved to Plymouth Place in 2009, shortly followed by my parents, Barbara and Ben Sigfusson, I was fortunate to witness firsthand the lifestyle opportunities and quality of care provided by the dedicated staff. The desire to ensure that every resident receives exceptional care and is afforded engaging life experiences inspired my decision to accept an invitation to join the Board of Directors in 2016.

Plymouth Place has risen to greater heights in its service delivery and senior lifestyle experience in recent years. Our CEO, Jay Biere, has developed a leadership team committed to serving our residents with energy, kindness, and compassion. Our exceptionally dedicated and talented associates serve our residents with skill, creativity, and care. The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that the health, wellness, and dignity of every resident and staff member are respected and supported, and that the families of our residents are assured of the commitment to care for their loved ones.

Our own traditions of philanthropy date back to 1944 when Plymouth Place was established as a not-for-profit community. We remain committed to never asking any permanent resident to leave our community should they outlive their resources. The establishment of an endowment by Naomi Borwell and the Board of Directors secured this commitment for years to come.

Your generous gifts continue to support the endowment fund, but they have also allowed for enhancements to our community that would not have been possible without your goodness. You have made new recreational and leisure activities a reality. Many of the new safeguards that have been implemented to protect and enhance our community during the COVID pandemic were made possible through your generosity. You have also supported our associates by gifts to a scholarship fund that provides continuing education opportunities. The philanthropic spirit of our residents, their families, and our community partners has been truly inspiring. We are all aligned in our desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for the support you have offered to Plymouth Place. Your generosity allows us to remain true to our mission and continue to offer excellence as we serve the senior community. The Board and I appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Elizabeth (Liz) Asperger
Board Chair